It all boils down to this: our training helps people to find their voice in the workplace.


Our training has evolved over the years, and – naturellement – it reflects the areas that we most often get asked to help with.

In all seriousness, as we all work harder, faster and juggle our lives and careers, it can be difficult, daunting and downright bloody tiring trying to assert your voice in the workplace. Building confidence, resilience and learning how to better influence others around us can help us – not just now – but as we progress, and like ripples, will have a beneficial effect on those around us.

The world of work continues to change; job retention, flexible working, hybrid careers – how can you spin all the plates? What is your purpose? How is your organisation set up to accommodate millennials who have different expectations from their employers?

Our training is designed to create a long-lasting change in behaviour that benefits the individual, their team and the wider organisation.


  • The Brain and Confidence
  • Imposter Syndrome
  • Body Language and Impact
  • Public Speaking
  • Be More Visible: an Action Plan

    • The Elements of Resilience
    • The Resilience Cycle
    • What Builds and what Depletes Resilience
    • The Resilience Toolkit


    • Expand your Sphere of Influence
    • Conflict: what’s your Response?
    • Listening Skills
    • Communication Styles
    • Creating a Win-Win Environment


    • What do you Want to be Known for?
    • Values and Purpose
    • Define your Career Aspirations
    • Strengths and Skills Audit
    • Identify Goals
    • Your Business Plan



    • What do they Want?
    • What do they Value?
    • What do they Need?
    • It’s not All About the Money
    • How to Help them Make a Difference
    • What are Quick Wins for your Organisation?


We create on-going programmes aimed at shifting the behaviour of different groups, in the name of diversity.


Coaching isn’t just for the here and now; it should be solution-focused and lead to long-lasting behaviour change.


We don’t want to just see an improvement in the training room but a measurable, significant shift.


Lumina spark is a psychometric tool with a difference. It doesn’t pigeon-hole, rather it embraces paradox.

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