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Menopause in the workplace, all talk and no action?

It’s World Menopause Day this week and If you haven’t heard or read something about the menopause this month you must have been hiding under ...
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Why the Great Resignation isn’t the only threat to your people strategy

The Great Resignation is presenting a big challenge to many of the clients we talk to at Birdsoup. It’s proving more and more difficult to ...

Menopause the hidden threat to women’s careers

According to MP Carolyn Harris, “the menopause revolution has begun” there has definitely been a significant increase in the amount of coverage on the menopause ...

Dealing with Difficult conversations

Dealing with difficult conversations is something we avoid, here are some tips on how to deal with them.

You’re Not Listening

In a culture of interruption, have we lost the ability to listen? What does that mean for effective communication in virtual meetings?

It’s time to get serious about working from home

So it’s official, working from home (or ‘wfh’ as it’s now called) is here for the foreseeable future.  The latest spikes in Covid-19 around the ...

Taking the ‘careering’ out of your career

As redundancy looms large on the horizon for thousands of employees, getting ahead of setbacks like this can help speed up your personal recovery and ...

The power of Women supporting Women

We’ve been running women’s leadership and career programmes for a few years now, what we’re always struck by is the power of the group dynamic. ...

Are you suffering from mid-career madness?

Mid-career can be an uncomfortable place to be. At this career stage, women in particular can feel slightly adrift: their best made plans may have ...

Invest in yourself: the only way to plan and develop the career you want

Investing in your own development and setting your own direction of travel is the best strategy to get the career you want

What’s holding you back in your career?

Quite often for the women that we work with it’s confidence to take the leap or make the next step. They are often so focused ...

Leading through change

The last few months have bought massive change to the way that we work, adapting and evolving is more important than ever to a company’s ...

Don’t lose your mid-career women

How can organisations support women in mid-career and build a strong pipeline for future female leaders?


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