We believe that female leadership needs a new lens and a fresh set of rules. At Birdsoup, we’re heading a cultural shift, helping more organisations to advance women into leadership positions. Changing the way people lead will lead to culture change, and research shows that culture is one of the main reasons why women don’t progress.

It is not a question of learning how to lead in the way it has always been done, meeting the expectations that were set by men hundreds of years ago for a male workforce.

We know that women bring different, valuable things to leadership: by developing authenticity from the start of a career, women will be able to be more effective and influential when they reach senior positions. Having more women in leadership roles within your organisation opens up the floor to more diverse thinking, helping to ensure that important decisions are tackled from all angles.


Leadership is a different animal, depending on the career stage you find yourself in. Leadership coaching and skills need to be introduced at regular points, and as specialists in women’s careers, we have identified the stages at which women potentially need to focus on leadership.

We have developed three female leadership courses that focus on the specific areas of leadership that will match and then expand your progress.

This women’s leadership programme is aimed at those who are in their early career stage ie. they have a few years experience of working and are on top of the skills required for their role.

Introducing a framework for leadership at this stage is not a waste of time or premature. Behaviours are established very early in careers (if not before) and not paying attention to employees at this point can lead to bad habits as their career progresses. Developing good self-awareness and good practice in the early career stage will help women further down the line.

What does the programme cover?
Aimed primarily at developing better self-awareness, this leadership programme helps participants to focus on their strengths, personality traits and resilience resources. We also introduce the idea of career planning and resilience and look at key transitions and common obstacles women face throughout their career and ways to plan for them.

How long does the programme last?
3 months – 3 morning sessions

How many in a group?
Maximum 12

This programme is aimed at women who are about to go into a leadership role. Usually at mid-career level, with management responsibility, they now need to focus on elevating their leadership skills and capabilities.

What does the programme cover?
Participants touch base with their strengths, skills and values and then focus on the skills required for authentic leadership:


  • Banishing your demons – imposter syndrome, negative self-talk
  • Female empowerment coaching
  • Building self-confidence: body language, techniques to improve impact


  • Different communication styles – how to own yours
  • Giving feedback
  • Communicating your ideas and getting buy in

Coaching & people development

  • developing a coaching style
  • delegation style
  • modelling behaviours

How long does the programme last?
3 day sessions/ 6 half day sessions

How many in a group?

This programme is designed for female leaders who are about to go into their first C-Suite role. This new level of responsibility means they will need to identify and use all of their considerable skills and attributes to do this confidently and effectively.

What does this course cover?
This programme is designed to build an authentic leader and requires a degree of commitment and investment from participants. It prepares women for this crucial stage of career development by looking in depth at the following areas:

Women and leadership – participants will understand how gender, biases and other key influencers have impacted on their current leadership style.

Authenticity – Self-Awareness: Participants zoom in on their strengths, values, to understand which they over and under-use. They also will scrutinise their communication style to acknowledge where they are the most effective as well as how to read their opposite.

Authenticity – Skills: Participants will look at the key skills required for leadership from delegation, through to giving feedback, setting direction, impact and self-confidence as well as ways in which they self-sabotage and strategies to overcome these tendencies/habits.

Thriving and Surviving: An in-depth look at participants personal and career resilience will give participants the strategies and tools they need to overcome obstacles, plan effectively and set goals.

How long does the programme last?
6 months – 4 day sessions, supported by regular homework and online coaching

How many in a group?
Maximum 10-12

What they say

CFL various dates
Lovely open, creative atmosphere created. Feel positive about the future and my new job.
CFL various dates
Great session, great people feeling very inspired

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