Personality Profiling

We like to think we’re all different, and you know what – we are. Helpfully though, we also conform to our own unique combination of recognised traits; traits that are all represented in the profiling method, Lumina.
Lumina’s strength is that instead of pigeonholing, it embraces the paradox within all of our personalities.


How is Lumina different from other psychometric tools? Well, many take on a kind of zodiac approach, trying to compartmentalise people as a definitive ‘type’. Now I don’t know about you, but we can sometimes seem like completely different people at the end of the day, to when we first woke up. Or even pre- and post-coffee! How about weekday you vs. weekend you? Night in you – and perhaps most revealingly – night out you?

Pigeonholing can be incredibly negative. For example, characteristics like introversion can often be seen as ‘bad’ within organisations and can stereotype employees unfairly. One of the huge strengths of Lumina is that instead of pigeonholing, it embraces the paradox within all of our personalities.

Lumina Spark is a psychometric tool that doesn’t act like one! Each person who completes the 30-minute online questionnaire is given a detailed profile, which reports 3 levels of personality:

  • 4 colour archetypes (easy to remember)
  • 8 aspects (such as big picture thinking, discipline driven)
  • 24 qualities (e.g. reliable, cautious, imaginative, collaborative)

Most of us are a delightfully complex combination of all the different qualities. Lumina is able to examine when we use our different qualities and gives three views of our personality: the underlying, the everyday and the overextended.

These different personas are very revealing, and can unearth qualities or strengths we didn’t even know we had.

A Lumina workshop can focus on a number of different objectives or we can create something bespoke to your needs. Here’s some examples:

  • Diagnostic profiling for teams and individuals
  • Group coaching
  • Communication styles
  • Talent spotting / identifying potential
  • Trouble-shooting poor-performing teams, or communication between teams
  • Recruitment or retention: get the optimum fit for a team, and identify ‘flight risks’


We create on-going programmes aimed at shifting the behaviour of different groups, in the name of diversity.


Coaching isn’t just for the here and now; it should be solution-focused and lead to long-lasting behaviour change.


We don’t want to just see an improvement in the training room but a measurable, significant shift.


Lumina spark is a psychometric tool with a difference. It doesn’t pigeon-hole, rather it embraces paradox.

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