Results, not rhetoric. It’s the fountain we drink from.

It’s important for us that we don’t just identify the issues, but we move towards finding the possible positive changes too. How do we do it? Funny you should ask…

Stop. In the name of love diversity before you promote unconscious bias and normalise negative behaviours.
OK, it’s not as catchy as The Supremes’ track, but it’s our anthem.
We’re talking to senior management, middle management, graduates or millennials – we create ongoing programmes for each group to follow.


No programme is ever the same; we apply our knowledge and experience to each individual company or individual. What makes you different? How do your culture and processes affect the readiness for change?

Our Consultancy projects are wide-ranging, like broad-scope programmes looking at the what needs a good shaking up within the company. Are your behaviours gendered and non-inclusive? Are there activities in your company make-up that can be remodelled to ensure all employees have the same opportunity and recognition?

At the other end, we can put more targeted issues under the microscope. A well-resourced and managed mentoring scheme, women’s leadership programme or maternity coaching scheme can provide incredible focus and really move the agenda forwards. 


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We create on-going programmes aimed at shifting the behaviour of different groups, in the name of diversity.


Coaching isn’t just for the here and now; it should be solution-focused and lead to long-lasting behaviour change.


We don’t want to just see an improvement in the training room but a measurable, significant shift.


Lumina spark is a psychometric tool with a difference. It doesn’t pigeon-hole, rather it embraces paradox.

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